Total installation - exhibition 'Wel Kom'

Tankstation, Enschede, 2015

The 'Wel Kom' solo exhibition meaning 'Do Come' was actually another total installation  in which various works were shown in conjunction with each other and with refugee politics.

It was build up in such a way that the different elements linked together, using the unique features of the spaces, a former car garage with a large display window. The reflections of the many glass walls reflected the works next to and in each other. As a different point of view was received, the interaction between the works changed, so that constantly changing connections could surface.

 Building up.

The installation on display at night.

Left: "Tent' (I) back: 'The Circle'

Bed bases, 'Hair' (photo, wall), 'Spot' (photo/perspex, floor), 'Wel Kom' (invitation, spray snow on window)



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