Position II

Actual art / performance / video

With this performance I challenged myself into a large variety of positions, covering myself with a red blanket on a black sofa. Pushing the blanket off left an even amount of 'residual forms'. It had to happen within the time frame of 10 seconds limited by the camera timer. The maximum time to walk back to the sofa, take in a new position and cover myself with the blanket.

This experimental performance focuses on 'body' as a vehicle for action and influence, designed within the concept of a restrained frame, or setting. The acting 'self' in such a 'position' calls upon psychological resources. In this case determination and endurance. I ended up with a total of 69 frames.

'Position' (II) came into existence during the last day of my artist residency in China where I was invited by the Chinese European Art Center.

'Position' (II) (link to video)
Position I (website)
Position III (website)


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